Dr. Briggs Viewpoint On Selecting The Right Size And Shape Of Implants

There are a variety of procedures in cosmetic surgery which are used to make certain parts of your body look balanced and attractive. Dr. Briggs specializes in breast procedures such as the breast lift and breast augmentation surgeries. He also has extensive experience in tummy tucks including the mini tuck and the full tummy tuck. Cosmetic procedures not only make you look good but your confidence levels are likely to increase once your body is in tip top shape.

Breast Implants

If you would like to increase the size of your breasts, the breast implant surgery can do that for you. The procedure involves inserting breast implants in order to make the breasts bigger. The implants also give the breasts a better shape and will even out breasts that are not of the same shape or size.

You can undergo a breast implant surgery if you are in good health and if your breasts have developed completely. You can opt for the procedure to bring back shape to your breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding. In case you have a flat chest naturally, breast implants will give you the size of breasts that are proportional to your body.

Implant Types

Dr Briggs Plastic Surgeon generally uses two types of implants – silicone gel implants and the saline implants. The silicone gel implants are filled with a cohesive gel that is either soft or firm to the touch. These implants feel like natural breast tissue and they also look more natural than saline implants. In case the implant leaks, the gel will remain in the implant or will leak to the implant pocket but the implant itself will not collapse.

Saline implants on the other hand are filled with a salt solution and do not have a natural feel. They ripple a lot due to the difference of the density between water and breast tissue. They also tend to rupture earlier than the silicone gel implants. When the implants leaks, the water is absorbed into the body and the implant collapses.

Implant Shapes And Sizes

Breast implants come in a variety of shapes and sizes so that you can get implants that will suit you perfectly. Dr. Briggs is very keen on ensuring that the right size of breast implants is chosen. He will consider your body shape and type, the amount of breast tissue that you currently have and he will also consider the shape and size of breasts you desire.

Implants come in two different shapes – the teardrop implant and the round implant. The teardrop implants are bigger at the bottom and slimmer at the top which gives a more natural breast shape. The round implants on the other hand are circular in shape. Round implants are suitable if you have more than two centimeters of breast tissue. After the surgery, there will be at least a centimeter of natural breast tissue covering the implant which will look quite natural. If you however have less than two centimeters of breast tissue, teardrop shaped implants will work better to give you naturally shaped breasts.

Making The right Decision

Dr. Briggs points out that the final decision of the breast implant shape and size will depend on the client. He provides plenty of before and after pictures so that the patient can know how the different implant sizes will turn out. Trying out different implant sizes will also give you a clue as to how you will look after the surgery.

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